Over Used Cliches

“I’m reaching out to you” The words ooze nothing more than feigned sincerity. But don’t be fooled. Both sinister & seductive, they’re just another way of saying, “I want to sell you something” or “I want you to do something for me.” Those who use them don’t care about anything other than getting their own way. Reach out all you want, but don’t touch.

“Mr. Mason is going to be in your area on Friday. He would like to stop by” is is an update on the antiquated & ineffective “cold call.” The only possible response when you hear this one “Please tell Mr. Mason to have a nice lunch at McDonald’s.”

“We’ll exceed your expectations.” What is so sad is that we use the phrase without even pretending to know or understand someone’s expectations; yet, we make it clear that we are going to exceed them.

Best practices.” This belongs in the same class with “exceed your expectations.” Anyone who uses the term “best practices” thinks that just by using the term makes a positive & powerful impression. They’re wrong.

“I sent you information a couple of weeks ago“ is closely related to “I sent you information about our company” If you’re serious about prospecting then the only successful strategy is to develop a campaign that is designed to create credibility by helping the recipient & offering value.

“Think outside the box.” The term is dated, a good reason not to use it. It also shows that you are “out of the loop,” whatever that means.

My personal favorite, “our solution is robust.” If I hear one more person describe their software as robust I think I’m going to scream. It shows no originality & doesn’t say anthing tangible about your product. Don’t use it!

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