Is Cold Calling Effective?


It’s been my experience that if the “suspect” had wanted or needed my product then we probably would have already had at least one conversation.

I’ve found that those who receive cold calls say about the same thing.

Most Cold Callers are calling because they need to make a sale, not because they’re really interested in making the prospects life easier.
Most Cold Callers act deviously to get through their gate keepers
Most Cold Callers don’t know the first thing about their business or their needs,
Most Cold Callers never ask them about their business.
Most Cold Callers use a canned pitch. They sound robotic.
Most Cold Callers don’t engage the prospect in the conversation. They use more closed ended statements & questions than open ended.
Most cold callers make their cold calls during the normal work hours. If you want to get through to executives call after 5:00. The gate keeper is usually gone. Your prospect is more relaxed & might have more time to talk to you. By calling after 5:00 you’ve demonstrated that you’re not a clock watcher. Be honest with them. If you don’t have a solution for them, then let them be.
These are a few of the reasons that executives dislike being cold called that I’ve talked to.

Here are some of my reasons.

I’m not on equal footing with the executive I’m trying to get through.
Most of the time they’re just trying to get you off the phone.
I’m sure the closing rates for cold calling is still around 1-5%
If that’s considered successful then I want no part of that.
I’d rather be in a situation where I have a real opportunity to close a deal & create long term relationship with prospects.

It’s my opinion that cold calling is just busy work. Until the powers that be are ready to change an old school idea then we’re going to continue to prove to the world that our time is just a commodity.

My time & integrity are all I have & they’re worth something.

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