Will “Business As Usual” Be Good Enough?

It’s time for re-invention, re-tooling & re-thinking. Just selling software isn’t enough anymore. Gone are the days when all you had to do was open your office door & wait for the buyers to start lining up with blank checks. There was no need for differentiators.

Today it’s all about what makes me unique. Why should prospects buy from me? What do I offer that other VAR’s don’t? Reputation & accounability are worth more today than the software that we sell.

Today software is looked upon as a commodity so that leaves us with our most precious asset & that is time. Pure sales people need to learn what it is that consultants do, get certified for those inclined & start making yourself an asset rather than a liability. If you’re not selling it doesn’t take long for ownership to look at you as a liability & it’s a downward spiraling vortex from there.

Owners have to be willing to invest in salespeople who have the ability & desire to get cross trained. Owners tend to pigeon hole employees rather than looking at them as multi faceted assets.

We’re in this together & rather than atttempt to get buy with “what we’ve always done” let’s put our collective brain power together & find new ways to succeed.