The Value of Mentors

How many of you have been successful without the help of others? No hands? Just as I thought.

I was thinking about this topic yesterday as I received a call from a business newbie who has spent a few years getting a Masters in Something & an MBA in Something Else.

She contacted me through my LinkedIn Profile & wanted to talk to someone about which direction she wanted to go with her life. We spent about 3 hours talking about her goals, how to achieve them & the conversation rolled around to about how I got into the field that I’m in.

Growing up I wanted to play first base for the L.A. Dodgers. That dream was dashed when I somehow wrangled a minor leage roster spot & found that while I was good, I wasn’t that good.

My second dream was to be an FBI Agent. In those days you had to have a law degree to be an agent. I didn’t want to invest 7 years of going to school to get the privilege wearing a gun & a badge. When my then mentor asked me why I didn’t want to go to shool for the next 7 years, I told him, “But that would make me 7 years older.” He replied, “Hey, Dummy, how old will you be if you don’t go to law school?” Hmmmmm, 7 years older? He wasn’t very nice. He always had answers to my questions & I didn’t like most of them because they were sensible.

After kicking around Hawaii a few years I ended up @ Blytheco & began this phase of my life that I truly have a passion for. I haven’t done it alone. I have mentors whom I trust & believe in.

Being a mentor doesn’t mean I have any answers, it just means that I’m able to point someone in the right direction to find their own answers. It’s a position of trust & the only way that I can re-pay my mentors is to become a mentor to someone else.

Try it, it’s very fulfilling.

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