We’d Like to Hire You….But……….

Here’s a sign of the times that I want to share with you. I have been interviewing with an software VAR for the past 5 weeks, driving to their offices in Orange County several times. I passed with flying colors; I became the person that they had to have. A couple more phone interviews with the VP,  & he utters the words that every job candidate wants to hear, “We’ll have a job offer letter to you” by the end of the week.

Well, as you can probably guess the offer letter never came & here’s why.

After crunching numbers they realized that unless I was willing to come on board on a commission only basis then they don’t have the budget to hire someone of my caliber right now. According to the VP it has nothing to do with my skills & knowledgebase; but everything to do with their fear of the economy.

Excuse me? Didn’t you have some small clue at the beginning of this process that you might not be able to afford to bring someone on board? Don’t you think that a candidate should know that this might be a possibility? If you’re on top of your business then why are you doing wasting people’s time by sending them through the interview maze?

My time is precious to me & I’m very interested in staying in the software channel, either with a VAR or a 3rd party vendor.

I  have watched too many companies retreat into complete paralysis as a result of this economy. Yes, there is approximately 6% of the population unemployed but that means that 94% are still working. Let’s not overlook that.  Yes, there are alot of companies on the cusp of success or teetering on the brink of disaster; they know who they are. But there are those who in the middle of these two extremes; that’s the company that should stay on it’s present course.

I believe that 2009 is going to be better. I believe that with all my heart because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a valid reason to get out of bed in the morning. The bottom line is if you have an opportunity with a company that has the resources to support the hire, & the opportunity offers a career path then call me. I’m open to legitimate opportunites. If you don’t fit within those parameters save my contact information for when you do or if this is a long term decision I’m okay with that, too.

All I’m asking for is complete disclosure & transparency in a career opportunity.


One thought on “We’d Like to Hire You….But……….

  1. I have the same experiences though usually on the sales side. I think a lot of the issue is due to people not having to put any “skin in in the game”.

    Until someone has to pay, write a check or make some other investment there simply is no reason for them to do anything except continue down a chosen path.

    It’s a time of great change for accounting software. I believe most VARS will be forced to change their perception of self worth from being based upon new blood sales to being based upon retained clients who provide a recurring revenue base.

    You aren’t alone – this is a problem on all sides of the fence…

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