The Joys Of Job Hunting

 Great post. I think that this or any other Job Hunting Guide should be required reading.


Being the Owner of this group (LinkedIn) has it’s own issues similar to some of those you mentioned, i.e. people think that I know everyone in the industry (I don’t) so it stands to reason that I should know about the available jobs in the industry (Again, I don’t. If I did I would have found a job for me a long time ago)

So, two items I would strongly suggest if you’re looking for work & you’re a member of this group. Continue reading

Taylor Macdonald leaves Deltek

After having spent less than a year at Deltek, Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Sales Alliances Taylor Macdonald has left the professional services software company, effective immediately, for an executive position at an unspecified educational company.

Taylor Macdonald had previously been the popular and long time Executive VP Channel and Sales for Sage Software. He started with Sage in 1998 and in July 2004 was promoted to Executive Vice President, Channel and Sales Operations for the Mid-Market Division. He left Sage in October 2007 during a sweep of executive management which also included the departure of CEO Ron Verni, CFO Jim Eckstaedt, and CTO Jim Foster.

He had recently been signing up a significant number of top Sage vars who seemed to largely flock to Deltek based upon their interest in diversifying product lines as well as their faith in Taylor Macdonald. Continue reading