The Joys Of Job Hunting

 Great post. I think that this or any other Job Hunting Guide should be required reading.


Being the Owner of this group (LinkedIn) has it’s own issues similar to some of those you mentioned, i.e. people think that I know everyone in the industry (I don’t) so it stands to reason that I should know about the available jobs in the industry (Again, I don’t. If I did I would have found a job for me a long time ago)

So, two items I would strongly suggest if you’re looking for work & you’re a member of this group.

Build yourself a professional website. If you use Go Daddy, you can build one in less than 8 hours for under $100, domain name included. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments. There’s a fine line between arrogance & confidence. Make sure that you include a link to your resume. Get as many LinkedIn recommendations as possible. Again, don’t be shy about asking for them. Then copy & paste onto a word document & hand that to the person who is interviewing you. I’ll tell you from past experience that it impresses the Hell out of the interviewer.

Remember this is a professional resume, don’t include pictures of your dog, your favorite Monster Truck or a picture from the last Super Bowl party that you attended but don’t remember. DO include a professional looking head shot of yourself. I was just at Blytheco’s regional office in Laguna Hills this past week & a stranger walked up to me in the lobby & said “Hi Bill, how are you?” I apologized that I didn’t recognize him, but it was a member of the Sage VAR Group. He recognized me from my photo on the Sage VAR Group, my website or my LinkedIn Profile. It’s another way of tearing down the wall alittle bit.

This website becomes your portal to the world. Keep it updated, keep it fresh. Keep it in the same condition that you would keep your house if you have visitors coming. I am constantly tweaking mine to increase traffice.

Get a Google Analytics Account, (free) & track your visitors. You’ll be able to see what pages people are visiting & which pages are dead zones. That’s why I’m always tweaking mine. Once I get a good balance I’ll leave it alone.(maybe)

Add lots of key words that stimulate & drive traffic to your self. If you’re not sure what key words are, Google them. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself getting listing on Google.

Another item that use to my benefit is a site that offers free press releases. I’ve been using it for years.

The final piece to this is placing inexpensive ads for your services anywhere on the Internet that is getting traffic.

I started the Job Board page for that purpose & am now getting interest from different firms wanting to place ads. It’s a nominal charge of only $20 per ad but I will tell you that most of my new visitors are going directly to the job board page so you will get bang for your buck.

Some people have told me that I work too hard on the group website, my website, LinkedIn etc. Maybe. But I’d rather be doing something that I enjoy that just might turn into a great opportunity. Treat looking for a job just like you would your own job.

I get up every morning, turn on the computers, go get my coffee & get directly to work bouncing between my laptops multi tasking with the main goal of getting my face in front of people. I usually start around 6:00 & will work at it until 3:00, 4:00. I know that something is going to turn up, I just wish it was going to be sooner than it has been.

Happy Job Hunting


One thought on “The Joys Of Job Hunting

  1. Hi Bill – I was referred to your blog from Laura Richardson’s “The Richardson Report” which sums up today’s job hunt quite accurately. I appreciate your words of wisdom and wanted to wish you the best. I am also out there looking after almost 11 years and find the search quite challenging. I appreciated reading your commentary! Thanks, Ann

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