I Refuse To Listen To Negative News

Spring is here, unless you live in Minnesota where the thermometer still hovers around arctic cold & way below freezing. I love to talk to my friend Kristen Baas @ Falcon Leasing around winter time. We get to compare temperatures & I’ve usually got her beat by a minimum of 60 degrees.

It also means that I’ve seen a change in the business climate & like the temperature here in San Diego it’s getting warmer. Am I being naive to think that things are going to change immediately? Of course not but let me tell you the exact moment my attitude changed. It changed the moment that I turned off the television & quit listening to the “experts” & the naysayers. I even went as far as to cancel the two daily newspapers I’ve been receiving for years. Too much bad news. I don’t like bad news so now I just ignore it.

Think I’m wrong not to listen? Here’s an example of why I think I’m on the right track. I have a friend who owns a high end cigar lounge. He opens at 11:00 & does 2 things. The first thing is he goes into his walk-in humidor & picks out his first cigar of he day. So far so good. Then he makes the mistake of turning on his 60″ flat screen tv & changes the channel to the financial news complete with Real Time data from Wall Street. Within 1 hour the veins in his forehead are popping out, Sam is muttering to himself and anyone else who will listen to him about how he’s getting screwed by the government from every possible angle. Then he’s off on his rants about the thieves on Wall Street & within two hours everyone is a mother*^$%er & he may as well close the doors to his business & go back to Iraq, Jordan or some other country that is more business friendly than the U.S. & more specifically the state of California. 

Me? I get comic relief for 1 – 2 hours & I don’t listen to what the talking heads have to say about the current financial condition. I do agree with Sam on what we should do to all the thieves on Wall Street, Hang “Em High.

I refuse to get sucked in by all this negative news , & I’m not going to let it get me down. I believe that we still live in the greatest country on the planet.

My suggestion to anyone is to quit listening to all the bad news, go outside and play with your children. Enjoy the day. This life is too short to let someone else dictate your mood.

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