I Pulled The Plug On Face Book


I have deactivated my Face Book Account. While there are a few people who post thought provoking discussions (very few) the majority of the posts run like this:

“I just woke up in Denver & I can’t wait to get home to California to Schmookie or Schmookins, my fat arthiritic cat.”

Question #1, did you not know that you would be waking up in Denver or were you in a black out & Denver was the random city this month?

Question #2, Assuming that you knew you’d be waking up in Denver did you provide your cat with enough arthiritis medication & food to last it until you came home to California?

Again, making another assumption that you knew you were going to Denver, you do have someone watching Schmookins or Schmookie, don’t you? If the answer is no, maybe you shouldn’t be travelling alone or you should pin your ticket & $20 to your lapel so that the nice flight attendants (when was the last time you saw one of them?) will make sure that you get off the plane at your determined stop. After you de-plane you’re on your own, oh, oh, now it’s getting very scary as you wander aimlessly through the Denver Airport hoping you brought enough twenties to pin to your lapel.

Folks, before all the cat lovers call for my lynching let me explain, please. I like cats, I have a cat who would rather get from Point “A” to Point “B” on his back, (I’m not making this up & it’s hysterical to watch) & he loves to take swats at you as you’re walking by HIS couch.

What I don’t like is having to sift through the “Sweet Willys” whatever those are that someone keeps sending me, Sobriety gifts, yes I quit drinking the evil elixir alcohol 21 years ago, (but that’s our little secret, right?) contests challenging my I.Q. against really smart people, others asking me to join their Mafia Connection, people “poking”  me & all those other annoyances that I have found on Face Book. It reminds me of MySpace with clothes on.

Don’t worry Mr. Twitter, you’re coming close to getting axed so don’t sit over there twaddling & smirking thinking you’re home free. One slip up & you’ll find yourself  tweedling & twuddling off into the sunset.

Anyone else find Face Book to provide zero to very little value or is it just me?

2 thoughts on “I Pulled The Plug On Face Book

  1. Hi Bill, I really like FB. I work from home and am so busy right now I have no time to connect with those I really care about. Without FB I would feel very out of touch. I like knowing what my friends are up to and I like the ability to let them know what we are up to. I don’t post every day, I don’t get on there every day. But late at night, when I’m lonely for company, FB can be very entertaining and give me the ability to reach out. I might add that I’m very selective about my facebook contacts.

    • Hi Aly,

      Thanks for the comment. I guess that’s what makes the world go around. While I enjoyed the same things about FB as you I just got tired of the extra cirricular junk that I was having to sift through.

      Thanks again,

      Bill Kizer

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