Win One For Amy!

Imagine you’re a professional golfer, in fact you’re considered the #2 golfer in the world. You’re playing in the U.S. Open on one of the toughest golf courses in the country. You are in the top five & have a real chance to win one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the United States. 

Today is normally the day that the winner is decided but rain relays have delayed the finish. 
You just celebrated your 39th birthday & the U.S. Open fans greeted you by boisterously singing “Happy Birthday.” 




One of your daughters just turned 10 today on Father’s Day & they’re in Rancho Santa Fe, an affluent neighborhood in San Diego with their Mom. Normally they travel with their Daddy to the U.S. Open but not this year. 

You have a family vacation that is scheduled for a San Diego departure tomorrow night. Because of some extenuating unforeseen circumstances you’ve had to re-schedule that vacation a couple of times & because of those circumstances you can’t afford to put that family time off any more.

 What circumstances you ask? Your wife Amy is going to start treatment for breast cancer next week. 

The fans at Bethpage Black have been very supportive to Phil. Hardly a hole has gone by without a cry of “Win It For Amy.” Phil said “That hard to miss, it’s not like they whisper, but it’s very flattering & it’s very cool.” 

He’s made about 57 million dollars playing a game that he gets to fly in a private jet around the country in but wouldn’t it really be cool if he were to keep a promise to Amy to win the U.S. Open? 

I hope that he brings that trophy home to his beautiful wife, gives her the $1,350,000 check for first place, kisses his daughters & goes on that vacation before Amy starts cancer treatment.

I also hope that she makes it through the treatment just fine. 

“Win It For Amy”

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