Employees & Social Media Usage


I just read an interesting article in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) magazine titled “Rave All About It.” While it covers many facets of Social Media & it’s usage there are two items that got my attention.It says, “typically in larger companies the geniuses in either the legal department or the HR departments have a policy that nobody is allowed to even look @ YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or LinkedIn. While I can understand blocking MySpace the others I can’t. What the geniuses don’t know is that they’re only blocking access to the social media sites that they are aware of. There are literally hundreds of social media sites that most of us are clueless of their existence.

Basically these companies don’t trust their employees to do the right thing at work, and also, by regulating the media, it shows that those organizations don’t understnad human communication.

This goes back to the argument that if you don’t trust your employees you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place & conversely do you really want to be working for a company who operates under a cloud of mistrust. Personally I’d much rather work for a company that not only trusts me but values my integrity to do the right thing.

These companies are also the ones who have installed a virtual gate on their “available” white papers  by requiring an e-mail address, phone number, or other person information.

Their purpose for making their white paper is not to spread their ideas but for the sole purpose of generating a list of potential prospects to call.

If you want the number of people downloading your white papers to grow expodentially then you need to remove  the registration maze that you’ve created.

According to the head of public affairs of the entire United States Air Force they allow 350,000 Air Force employees to use social media on the job. We’re talking about national security. If the Air Force can do it, anyone can do it.













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