Say Goodbye to 2009


2009 was an interesting year. It was certainly better than 2008, but new solution buyers still seem to be cautious, but they’re out there.

There were alot of personnel changes at Sage, some understood, some not.

Partners closed their doors either by choice or their circumstances demanded a change. Other partners chose the comfort of a merger with a larger VAR who could protect their tier & provide them with resources that they didn’t have prior to the merger.

Still, other one time Select partners picked up other solutions outside the Sage family in hopes that the ability to offer product diversity would add additional sources of revenue.

Overall business was about what everyone expected, but the interesting outcome of talking with alot of partners is that there is some hope in the air that the worst is behind us.

The second part to those conversations is that people are starting to believe in the current leadership that we have at Sage.

A new method of business was probably just what the doctor ordered & now we’re having to find better ways to take care of our customers.

Social media is not just an buzzword, it’s here to stay. Look at the number of members of this group (2,900+) LinkedIn has over 50 million daily users, Facebook has 350 million active users. Twitter doesn’t release their user base numbers, but I’m sure their numbers are up there to. Are you utilizing these new sources to their fullest?

Let’s all say goodbye to 2009 & bring in 2010 & all that it will bring.

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