How Do You Shuttle 3,000 People In One Hour?

We have spent a good deal of time considering this very question. We were presented with this challenge as we considered how we will transport 3,000 of our favorite customers and business partners from the Gaylord National Conference to the Air and Space Museum for our special evening event on Wednesday, July 13.  We are confident that we have come up with a great solution. 

Here’s how this will work.   

The Trade Show Exhibit Hall will serve as pre-departure “port”.

Starting at 6:55 p.m. customers will be asked to board buses in alphabetic order by the name of their company. This way, if there is more than one person with the company, employees can get on the same bus. For those of you who would like to join your customers, you will be able to board any bus at any time to accompany them.  
We will have two dedicated shuttles for Exhibitors. We will have an Exhibitor Express Shuttle shortly following the close of the trade show for those that can be packed up in a flash. We have an Exhibitor Last Call bus run at 9:00 p.m. for those who need a little more time.  
The bus schedule will be communicated in print, signs, live announcements, social media, text messaging, and by staff giving directions. It will also be printed on the back of museum tickets that will be distributed to Sage Summit attendees beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 13 at the trade show entry area.

There will be plenty of Sage staff available to assist you at the time with any questions.

This is going to be more fun than riding the roller coasts at Magic Mountain & Disney Land combined.

Remember, we’ll all get to our destination and your patience will be rewarded with a Fantastic Night!!!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Summit 2011

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