Who Should Attend Sage Summit 2012 & Why

Bill ~ Trent ~ Trevor Kizer

Gary ~ Connie ~ Jennifer ~ Erick @ Sage Summit 2011

Robert Schayes, Himanshu Palsule, Bill Kizer, Pascal Houllion Sage Summit 2011

Mark Kauffmann & Her Girls

Sean Leanne Tuohy Wayne Schulz Bill Kizer

Summit 2011 Twitter Meetup

There has been much discussion about the value of attending the Sage Summit 2012 Conference. I am one of those who have found Conferences to provide me with great value and I’ve learned a great amount of useable information. The technology industry changes daily and there’s no way to know about those changes if we don’t talk to the source. You can find the source(s) and other partners who have utilized those changes very successfully by attending events such as the new and improved Sage Summit.

Look at the business partners who consistently make the Top 10 list. Go to their website and see what they’re doing that you’re not. It’s probably a safe wager that they’ve been involved in Summit, BPAC membership, etc. It’s time to be accountable to ourselves for our failures or successes. It’s time to stop blaming others when we fail.

First, there is the long term value of creating lasting relationships with other BP’s or third party solutions and there are many knowledgeable partners and company representative who will gladly share that knowledge with you.

There has been a shift at Sage to offer more transparency and seeing the Management attend different social events & the Trade Show is a testament to this new shift. Don’t be surprised to find yourself engaged in open and honest dialogues with top management.

How do you put a price tag on product information you receive at Summit? What about face time with Sage executives? Truth be told, you can’t put a price tag on these items. The sessions alone that Sage is offering this year are numerous in count, while covering all Sage products, upgrades, changes and of course Social Media.

Too often we get caught up on doing business as we’ve always done it, not knowing that there are better ways of streamlining and making our individual businesses more cost effective. But if we don’t go to Summit and attend sessions, talk to other BP’s, then we’re going to stay in that same spiraling vortex & will get the same results. One of my favorite quotes is:

“If you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to keep getting what you get. If you want something new you’re going to have to try something new.”

~ Author Unknown

I have spoke to BP’s who have concerns that they have never “pulled” any new business from attending Summit and other conferences occasionally or even those who go each year. Then there’s the camp that has bought booth space, collected business cards & found that most of those cards belonged to other BP’s & not potential new deal opportunities. Where’s the ROI they ask?

First, if you’re heading off to Summit with the sole intent of closing deals then you’re going to be disappointed. It’s kind of like going to a Barnum & Bailey Circus expecting Shakespeare; or going on vacation to Northern Minnesota in January wearing shorts, flip flops & sun tan lotion looking for a sun tan. You’re going to be disappointed by unrealistic expectations.

Unfortunately most companies don’t look at non revenue generating items as having any value. Unless there’s a dollar amount involved most BP’s don’t “get it.” To the partners who don’t get it, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.

What value am I adding to the equation?
What Solution can I provide?
What am I adding to the success of my business?

Come to Nashville & see the changes that are happening at Sage. You’re going to be surprised & more importantly you’re going to go back to your business with a new attitude & isn’t life itself about how you approach it? I think so & I hope to see each of you in Nashville

Merry Xmas To Those Who Mean The Most


As I’m writing this blog this morning listening to different renditions of  “Oh Holy Night,” sung by Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, & the master of the aria Andrea Bocelli, images of three people keep popping into my head very vividly and a mixture of joy, happiness, and elation are combined with a tremendous amount of sadness.

As many people know I lost my life long best friend, my brother Tom Kizer this past April to Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemia. It’s hard when you lose someone very close to you and in your heart you know that you’ll never get another chance to spend a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve with them ever again. I’ll never get to laugh, cry or just hanging out with Tom and that fills me with great sorrow.  His passing has left a tremendous hole in my heart and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him.

So to you Tom, wherever you may be, Merry Christmas and I hope to see you again someday.


My sons, Trent and Trevor bring me incredible happiness and joy. I’m not sure what I did right in life to deserve to be their father but I thank my God each and every day for those two gifts.  It may sound a bit sappy but every time one of them wraps their little arms around me and says “I Love You” I feel complete by that one statement, that one show of affection.  They’re both very bright, loving children who love spending time with me and I couldn’t even begin to count the blessings that are called Trent and Trevor Kizer.

I won’t pretend that I knew what the phrase unconditional love meant prior to being a parent. I had some ideas of what I thought it meant but, boy was I ever wrong. I’ll never forget the first time that I held 1 day old Trevor for an extended period and I started singing “You Are My Sunshine” to him and the tears flowed. That was the exact moment that I learned what the definition of unconditional love means to me.

Incidentally Trevor will be 11 on the 7th of this month and I continue to be amazed by both my sons.

These are the three people whom I think about the most; the loss of one, and the growth of the other two.

The holidays are about family. Mine got smaller by one but the two that are left will make my Christmas a joyous one. I hope that yours will be filled with those who mean the most to you.