Merry Xmas To Those Who Mean The Most


As I’m writing this blog this morning listening to different renditions of  “Oh Holy Night,” sung by Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, & the master of the aria Andrea Bocelli, images of three people keep popping into my head very vividly and a mixture of joy, happiness, and elation are combined with a tremendous amount of sadness.

As many people know I lost my life long best friend, my brother Tom Kizer this past April to Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemia. It’s hard when you lose someone very close to you and in your heart you know that you’ll never get another chance to spend a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve with them ever again. I’ll never get to laugh, cry or just hanging out with Tom and that fills me with great sorrow.  His passing has left a tremendous hole in my heart and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him.

So to you Tom, wherever you may be, Merry Christmas and I hope to see you again someday.


My sons, Trent and Trevor bring me incredible happiness and joy. I’m not sure what I did right in life to deserve to be their father but I thank my God each and every day for those two gifts.  It may sound a bit sappy but every time one of them wraps their little arms around me and says “I Love You” I feel complete by that one statement, that one show of affection.  They’re both very bright, loving children who love spending time with me and I couldn’t even begin to count the blessings that are called Trent and Trevor Kizer.

I won’t pretend that I knew what the phrase unconditional love meant prior to being a parent. I had some ideas of what I thought it meant but, boy was I ever wrong. I’ll never forget the first time that I held 1 day old Trevor for an extended period and I started singing “You Are My Sunshine” to him and the tears flowed. That was the exact moment that I learned what the definition of unconditional love means to me.

Incidentally Trevor will be 11 on the 7th of this month and I continue to be amazed by both my sons.

These are the three people whom I think about the most; the loss of one, and the growth of the other two.

The holidays are about family. Mine got smaller by one but the two that are left will make my Christmas a joyous one. I hope that yours will be filled with those who mean the most to you.

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