Laughter & Sense of Humor Fight Cancer

Peter Bill Wayne
As I slide, not always gracefully, into the 8th month of my Terminal Liver Cancer Diagnosis its clear to me that I have more to say about how I finish this part of my journey than I originally thought.hope, faith liver logo

One of the comments I got from one of my doctors went some thing like this. “Bill, we always look forward to your visits because you have us laughing and we some times forget the severity of why you’re here.”

To me that sounds like a complement. I look forward to my weekly visits. I have gotten friendly with everyone from the parking lot attendant to the highest rated doctors that work each and every day with cancer patients who are near the end of their time here on Earth.It’s sad to see so many people that are so sick that they just sit and stare into space. A lot of them look like they’ve just given up.

Bill Diana Peter

I’m too stupid to know what quit means, giving up is just not in my DNA. About 4 weeks ago I woke up with a strange & foreign feeling. It was depression and because it was foreign to me I didn’t know what to do with it. My doctors knew what it was asked me how I felt about seeing a psychologist, I was willing to do anything, so I started seeing one and in a short time I have come to treasure that weekly hour. I contemplated talking about this but if it’s going to keep me alive longer then I’m all for it and I’m not too proud to talk about it.

Bill Sean Tess Boros
I just broke up with someone whom I treasured, I just didn’t know it She was my rock at doctor’s visits. Her being a Nurse Practioner I always felt better when she was there. She could de-cipher “Doctor Talk.”She arranged my weekly pills (20 per day) and my boys loved her. I stopped by the house earlier this morning to pick up some stray items and all I could do was stare at this wonderful woman that was put in my life. We’ll stay friends and I guess I’ll need to be happy with that.

I’m getting back on track with my blogging. I realized that to be moving ahead I must stay moving. I didn’t take any naps this past week and thats a big deal.

Thanks to each of you who reached out, it helps keep me stable and centered.

A blog from me wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my sons. Trevor just turned 13 and stands 6 foot tall.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Mele Kalikimaka

Bill Kizer


5 thoughts on “Laughter & Sense of Humor Fight Cancer

  1. Bill as you comment on your journey you help others who suffer in silence. As a funeral arranger I see the different ways people deal with the reality of finality. Your words let others know that life happens non stop. But there is beauty we overlook because some things just don’t matter. The gift that a smile to a stranger can bring.
    Enjoy every second Bill …..



    • Bobby,

      Thank you so much for your words. I’ve been amazed by the number who really care.

      With respect to the silent I’ve had conversations with my doctors and here’s my plan.

      To offer to the family a unique method of support that comes with the ability to reach over via technology; of course learning to laugh would be a big part of this.

      If its something that sounds interesting to you please call

      Bill Kizer

  2. Bill, you keep talking. I’ll keep reading! (6 ft. are you kidding me?!)
    I suspect you are good therapy for everyone you visit, the psychologist included. Cyber hugs for you and the boys!

    • Rhonda,

      You’ve always been so kind to me and I’ve always appreciated your kind words. I’ve already got my next new topic picked so be on the lookout.

      Happy Holidays

  3. You lighten up my life Bill and give inspiration always! In the face of what you are dealing with,you do manage to bring smiles to everyone you meet. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your adorable boys…thank you for bringing sunshine into my life! xxoo Dori

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