Cancer, Christmas & Christmas Carols

Help Cure Liver Cancer

Help Cure Liver Cancer

It’s Christmas Eve 2013 and the house is quiet (way too quiet) I don’t hear my sons laughter, and I miss that This was always the night that I could get them to bed by going in the back yard with a red light making up my impression of a reindeer and of course dropping into a deep Santa voice. They’d pop into bed so fast and be so exhausted from the days events and we would see them until the morning. Then their mother would start putting toys together and never have an extra parts lying around.

Trent, Dad, Trevor pre-nibbling Xmas 2004

Trent, Dad, Trevor pre-nibbling Xmas 2004

Today, well today is different. The last couple of weeks have found me in a lot of pain, and my balance has been off causing a lot of falls. I don’t like being this transparent about my cancer and I don’t want my boys to see me like this, but they sensed something because they kept asking if I was okay.

San Diego At Christmas

San Diego At Christmas

Whatever and whenever happen I just want to be supported by people where common love is the  theme.

Mele Kalikima a me Makihiki Mou

4 thoughts on “Cancer, Christmas & Christmas Carols

  1. God bless you my brother in this season of your journey. As a father and grandfather my heart goes out to you. Each day full strength or in need of bed rest is still a good day. You have set a foundation of real Love and it surrounds you daily and that is a blessing.
    Cancer creeps it’s way into more and more families every day with no regard to whom it touches. My prayers go out to you and your family.


  2. I suspect whatever questions they have are an entree for a dialog, (so very) difficult as it will be for you both. Not knowing how much you discuss with them, I’m just guessing. The littler the kid, the more likely the question they ask isn’t really what they want to know. I know there’s the fine line of “I need to be their rock (agreed)” and “they need to know what to expect.” Love to you, Bill.

  3. Bill, Your boys will be listening to your every word now more than ever before as they undoubtedly suspect what you know — that time is very precious for you and for them. Share your heart and wisdom with them in verbal and written form and trust that those words will help them become and be better men when they grow up. You are an inspiration to many people and you have a lot of wisdom to share with your boys. They are listening; that much I can guarantee you. Your words will be the greatest gift you can ever give them. No ipad or anything else that can be put under a tree will ever mean as much.

    And remember…it ain’t over until it is over. My grandfather was given 6 months to live by Mayo and he turned that 6 months into 10 years.

  4. I still pray for you and your boys every day as I have your photo in my prayer journal. I have a post it note on my mirror that I see everyday ” If today should be my last day, then let it be my Best Day” Praying God carry you along every step of the way, you are an inspiration to so many and you wear your heart well !!!

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