The End Of The World We Live In…..NOT!!!

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Okay, so let’s be honest, how many of you have wondered if the Mayans just might be right? I have, for about 10 seconds but then I come back to my
senses & realize that those Christmas bills will still need to get paid, I still need to get a job, etc.
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I was watching a You Tube video which was given by Ac Tah who is Mayan & according to sources, (still don’t know who they are) has the perspective of his people.  If you have 32 minutes watch it because if nothing else it’s entertaining.

His description of what it supposed to happen on the 21st is bit far fetched and many of his points just don’t hold water. He talks about the world shifting 18 degrees off it’s axis and for 8 minutes how we’ll vibrate and become very conscious of our entire lives. He also talks about proton protons and the power of liquid mercury that can be found in the 50 million light bulbs that 139 million Mexicans have purchased.  Yeah, it does sound like a bad peyote trip laced with pure mezcal.

If you’re wondering about the time it’s supposed to happen is around noon so eat a big breakfast and pack a healthy lunch just in case.  According to Ac Tah we will be conscious through this process and we relive all of our entire life in just eight minutes and he suggests that we have pencil and paper handy to write everything down. I’ve got to tell you the late 60’s and early 70’s are going to take alot more time than eight minutes for me. It was a great time to be a teenager and I didn’t miss out on much.

By the way I’m sleeping in on the 21st so please don’t call before, oh lets say 2:00 p.m. If I’m going I want to go in my sleep and not sitting around writing down my life story and if the world is supposed to end who’s going to be around to read it anyway?

Look I’m sure Ac Tah is a sincere and nice person but the Travelling Snake Oil Salesman routine got old in the early 50’s.

What’s amazing to me about this End Of The World is how many people buy into these (hopefully) false prophecies and start living their life as if this is it and what these seemingly self appointed prophets have to say is gospel.

There’s nothing that this Mayan leader can say without any sign of researchable evidence that will make me believe. I don’t buy it and I hope you don’t either.

But if you do know something that the rest of us don’t please share it with me, I promise I won’t tell a soul.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2012 on it’s real date, 12/31/12 and enjoy what 2013 is going to bring our way.