Best Practices

What is your definition of Best Practices? Does your company employ them? Would you be surprised if the majority of your sales team didn’t have a clear understanding of what best practices are all about?

Here’s my definition. Best practices assumes that there is a technique, process or methodology that is more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other process, methodology or technique.

While it is true that with a proper methodology, process or technique in place (and being used) your deliverables can be received by your customers with fewer problems & unforeseen complications. Continue reading

Over Used Cliches

“I’m reaching out to you” The words ooze nothing more than feigned sincerity. But don’t be fooled. Both sinister & seductive, they’re just another way of saying, “I want to sell you something” or “I want you to do something for me.” Those who use them don’t care about anything other than getting their own way. Reach out all you want, but don’t touch.

“Mr. Mason is going to be in your area on Friday. He would like to stop by” is is an update on the antiquated & ineffective “cold call.” The only possible response when you hear this one “Please tell Mr. Mason to have a nice lunch at McDonald’s.”

“We’ll exceed your expectations.” What is so sad is that we use the phrase without even pretending to know or understand someone’s expectations; yet, we make it clear that we are going to exceed them. Continue reading