Relaxing @ The Gaylord National During Sage Summit 2011

Gaylord National

I’ve found that after just a couple of days at past Insight & Summit events that I need a break. Whether it’s a long overdue nap, taking a walk, it’s important to give yourself some “Me” time. Here’s some great amenities that are available at the Gaylord without leaving the grounds.

Relâche Spa & Salon, a 20,000-square-foot facility that includes including saunas, steam rooms, co-ed tea/relaxation lounge, and a state-of-the-art fitness center

Unique indoor/outdoor pool located at Relâche Spa

Seven distinctive restaurants and eateries, including Gaylord Hotels’ signature restaurant, Old Hickory Steakhouse

Sunday Brunch at Pienza Italian Market

Fine seafood offerings at Moon Bay Coastal Cuisine.

Pose Ultra Lounge, our high-energy rooftop nightclub

National Pastime Sports Bar and Grill  (This is also known as the place that all Arizona Diamondback fans are banned from. It’s just on principle 🙂

Belvedere Lobby Bar fosters a relaxing atmosphere to unwind or socialize.

if you’re spending the day lounging in the sun, the poolside bar offers cool, colorful drinks, as well as fresh bites to eat.

Potomac Playzone family arcade

On-site shopping, from travel necessities to luxurious indulgences

Or……If you want to go downtown D.C. there is a shuttle every 90 minutes from the Gaylord Entrance

Sightseeing Tours and Roundabout Services

Water Taxis to Old Town, Georgetown and Mount Vernon

Wayne Schulz has a great LinkedIn post detailing how to get around D.C. Check it out for directions.

There’s alot to do while you’re in D.C. but my overall message is to make sure you carve out some time for mental relaxation.

Most of all, ENJOY YOURSELF!!!

The Value of Attending Sage Summit 2011

There has been much discussion about the value of attending Sage Summit 2011. I am one of those who have found Sage Summit 2011 to provide me with great value & I have learned a great amount of useable information that I’ve been able to use. The technology industry changes daily & there’s no way to know about those changes if we don’t talk to the source. You can find the source(s) & other partners who have utilized those changes very successfully by attending events such as Sage Summit 2011.

Look at the BP’s who consistently make the top ten lists. Go to their website & see what they’re doing that you’re not. They’re involved in Sage Summit 2011, BPAC members, etc. It’s time to be accountable to ourselves for our failures or successes. It’s time to stop blaming others when we fail. It’s time to stop blaming the economy.

First, there is long term value of creating lasting relationships with other BP’s or 3rd party solutions & there are many knowledgeable partners & company representative who will gladly share that knowledge with you.

How do you put a price tag on product information you receive at Sage Summit 2011? What about face time with Sage executives? Truth be told, you can’t put a price tag on these items.

Too often we get caught up on doing business as we’ve always done it, not knowing that there are better ways of streamlining & making our individual businesses more cost effective. But if we don’t go to Sage Summit 2011 & attend sessions, talk to other BP’s, then we’re going to stay in that same spiraling vortex & will get the same results.

One of my favorite quotes is: “If you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to keep getting what you get. If you want something new you’re going to have to try something new.”~ Author Unknown

 I have spoken to BP’s who have concerns that they have never “pulled” any new business from attending conferences  occasionally or even those who go each year. Then there’s the camp that has bought booth space, collected business cards & found that most of those cards belonged to other BP’s & not potential new deal opportunities. Is it worth the expenditure, they ask?

First, if you’re heading off to Sage Summit 2011 with the sole intent of closing deals then you’re going to be disappointed. It’s kind of like going to a Barnum & Bailey Circus expecting Shakespeare; or going on vacation to Northern Minnesota in January wearing shorts, flip flops & sun tan lotion; you’re going to be disappointed.

Unfortunately most companies don’t look at non-revenue generating items as having any value. Unless there’s a dollar amount involved most BP’s don’t “get it.” Here’s an example of one who does.

“It has always been MY rule that if I am serious about selling Sage products I need to attend Sage Summit 2011. I need to “breathe” the air, sense the mood of the Sage community, and get enough inspiration to see me through another year.” ~ Arlie Skory; Managing Partner at Skory Employer Solutions LLC

To the partners who don’t get it, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. What value am I adding to the equation?
  2. What Solution can I provide?
  3. Am I participating in the success of my business?

Come to Washington D.C. & see what’s new at Sage. You’re going to be surprised & more importantly you’re going to go back to your business with a new attitude & isn’t life itself about how you approach it? I think so & I hope to see each of you in Washington D.C..