Welcome to the last few days of 2010. This time of year is always interesting. It’s a time of reflection upon another year of goals met and the ones that we just missed. Of course it’s also a time to look forward and make resolutions that we know we’re not going to keep. I think that making resolutions is just a way of making ourselves temporarily feel better about ourselves only to be followed by feelings of failure and shame because we didn’t reach our goals.

Know what month gyms sell the most new memberships? Right, it’s January. Know what month those gyms empty out of the resolution makers? Right again, it’s January, usually around the end of the month. By now the gym has you on a 1 year airtight contract that you’re left paying for without any results. So not only are you still miserably out of shape, you’re out several hundred dollars and you spit on the ground everytime you  hear the word “gym.”

I was at dinner tonight with some friends and the topic of New Year’s Resolutions came up. It was a clear consensus that no one at the table was going to make any resolutions for 2011 for the simple fact they had always failed and one person at the table put it in a way that even I could understand. She said that too many people made resolutions that they had no interest in, i.e., joining a gym rather than doing some they liked such as walking along the beach.

So what resolutions is Bill going to make for the New Year? None, absolutely zero.

Happy New Year!!!