Happy Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday

Is it any wonder that people like me really dislike Christmas? It’s not that I dislike Christmas itself, it’s all these pre-Christmas Sales Opportunities that make a mockery of the Holiday Season.

It is beyond disgusting when you watch grown ass adults acting like animals just to get the newest Xbox games for their darling children for only $25. Watch normal people snatching gifts out of the hands of the small, the frail & defenseless not giving a crap about that other person just to be able to justify shopping at midnight.

Did someone mention lines? Have you seen those idgets who camp out in front of a store for days prior to that most sacred of days, Black Friday? Don’t they have jobs to go to? What do their children tell people when they ask why dear old Dad is sleeping in a tent on the sidewalk in front of Best Buy.

Since we’re Speaking of Black Friday. Doesn’t that imply that it starts & ends on a Friday? It used to but apparently the greedy retailers weren’t making enough money so they started opening their doors as early as 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday wasn’t enough so let’s invent another reason to put a dent in those credit cards and let’s call it Small Business Saturday, which is the only day that I think is a good idea.  Apparently even the retailers don’t want to mess with God’s Day (for most religions) so for now Sunday is hands off, besides how do you plan on getting men off the couch who are watching football? It’s probably going to take a huge sale at Victoria’s Secret complete with live models serving beer & wine, pretzels, pizza & big screen TV’s locked into all the football games.

And now it’s Monday and that must mean it’s Cyber Monday for those who shop online and are looking for great bargains. Apparently Cyber Monday is also known as Cyber Week.

One Black Friday question; why aren’t Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the NAACP all over this one. Why does it have to be called Black Friday?