Who Can You Trust?

Since MIS Group closed it’s doors last week there has been alot of conversation given to how does something like this happen to a VAR that was just the Overall Partner of The Year. While it leaves me shaking my head in wonderment I’m going to leave that question to be answered by those who are more capable.

No one has called me to find out what I believe did or didn’t happen. I had no financial interests in the MIS Group. I’m just an observer to the parade as it goes by.

I’m looking at Google.com & see 8 entries for other VAR’s to “help” customers who have been left in the lurch by the sudden closure. I’ve gotten off my high horse & determined that these orphans are going to need the help that a VAR can bring. Initially I thought that it seemed like a pack of buzzards were circling ready to move in. Business is business & someone is going to have to make some tough business decisions. Continue reading