Let’s Go On An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Help Find A Cure For Liver Cancer

Help Find A Cure For Liver Cancer

I’ve always kept a positive attitude when it comes to my emotions, no matter what the situation is. Like most people I’ve experienced a lot of hills and valleys. But no matter what’s going to happen, what‘s currently happening or events that have happened I’ve always held steadfast to the belief that my life is going to get better.

This belief system has worked well for me for the better part of my life until the past thirty days or so,
Fathers  Day 2013 6
There are many stages dealing with a terminal disease. They include (and not in any order) anger, sadness, loss of interest in normal activities, fatigue, plus many others. Just getting me to the laptops and iPads almost takes an act of Congress and we all know how well things are working in D.C.

I’m currently in the deeply sad stage and because I’m not familiar with it I set an appointment with The UCSD Palliative Care. Their suggestion is to see a either a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I chose the psychologist because they don’t subscribe pills. I’m currently taking 20 pills daily and I’m tired of all the multi- colored, multi- shaped “magic pills.” and their side effects. Ooooh, those side effects, where do th

ey get those things?

Does it sound like I’m giving up? To some I’m sure it does but trust me when I say I’m not giving up. I want to live as long as I possibly to spend as much time as I can with my sons.Bill Diana Peter

I feel like I owe my readers an apology for this blog as it’s tone is dark but right now that’s I feel. I’m sure that things will change especially when I get to spend time with my boys this week.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. Tomorrow will be a better day.

I Could Have Missed It All…..

Fathers  Day 2013 6This past week was the annual Sage Summit Partner/Customer Conference  which was held in Washington D.C. at the Gaylord Conference Center and Resort.

I have been to every Sage Summit since its inception and more than a few when  it was Insights.Bill Bo Paul

This Summit was a special one for me and if the doctors are right it will be my  last so it was important for me to attend. Sage gave me the opportunity to say thanks to the Sage Community and also to tell the attendees what’s going on with my health.
Bill Hugh SeanBill Sean Tess BorosPascal Driving BusPascal Bill CannonsWalking At Summit 2Bill Bo PaulPeter Bill Wayne

Joe Noll of Lancaster, PA showed me what an incredible human being he is, as  did Dave & Cheryl from LDK Consulting. The love that the Sage community showed me was overwhelming. An example of this was when I was talking to Diana Waterman, an incredible human being and one of my favorite Sage employees, a  gentleman walked up to us that I’ve never met and introduced himself as Pramod Gandhi  from Dubai. In a very humble manner he asked about my health and then he said, “Bill, we are  praying for you in Dubai.” You could have bowled Diana and myself over  with a feather. It was then that I finally understood the global reach that my  LinkedIn Group had accomplished. The entire week was like that for me from Sage executives to partners like Pramod.

I had to conserve my energy so I didn’t go out to the parties. Today I’m wiped  out and know that I will fall asleep right after takeoff but no matter I will take these memories with me on whatever journey I embark on.

Thank you to the following ( I apologize if I’ve left your name off, it’s no  reflection of you, but rather a reflection of my crappy memory)

Joo Sohn / Kevin Rooker / LDK Consulting / Joe Langer / Diana Waterman / Sophie  Leguillette / Himanshu Palsule  /Tammy Mathews/ Connie Certusi /Pascal Houllion / Wayne Schulz/ Lori Schultz / Pramod Gandhi / Danielle Cote / Robert Wood/ Joe Ward / Suzanne Spear / Joe Noll  and of course Marti Wolfson

I do hope and pray that my doctors are wrong in their prognosis because I do want to live longer and spend more time with my sons and I sure don’t want to miss Sage Summit 2014 in Vegas. Please don’t stop being who you are. What I’ve found going through this process is that it doesn’t take much effort to make someone’s day just a little bit better as you did mine.

I have been given money for the purpose of adding to my son’s college fund and also for liver cancer research. I hope this doesn’t come off as pandering but both are great places to donate money.

My mailing address is:
1025 Stratton Drive
Vista, CA. 92083

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