What Differentiates You?

What skills do you have that make you different? Is product knowledge enough to keep a client or attract new prospects? What is IT about you that makes people want to do business with YOU?  

Is product knowledge enough? I don’t think so. Anyone can learn  just enough about a product to make themselves dangerous, yet appear competent, trustworthy & deserving of the prospects business. But what happens when the s%*t hits the fan? If all you’ve learned is project knowledge then it won’t take long for your customer to figure out your competency level.   

What about passion for work? First let’s define the word passion. My definition is simple, “it’s having a deep affection or love for something or someone. Can you have a love for the work that you do? Absolutely. Unfortunately we most often hear about people who are dispassionate about their job. The ones who love their job just go about their business quietly & normally exceed the expectations that their job requires. Webster’s definition;” ardent affection: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. 

So is passion enough to differentiate you from your competition? While it will make you more pleasant to be around just having passion isn’t enough. Pure passion can lead to making emotional decisions in stressful situations when  a more business rationale  is in order for some situations.  

It’s my opinion that while product knowledge & passion are important pieces to the differentiator question it’s integrity that completes the equation. Wikipedia defines integrity as “a consistency of actions, values, measures, principles, expectations & outcome,” 

You want to be better than your competition?  

  1. Know more about your product than he does.
  2. Research his business & learn his industry.
  3. Have a deep seeded passion for what you do.
  4. Be consistent in your methodologies & you’ll become consistent in your outcomes.

Good Selling!

The Value of Mentors

How many of you have been successful without the help of others? No hands? Just as I thought.

I was thinking about this topic yesterday as I received a call from a business newbie who has spent a few years getting a Masters in Something & an MBA in Something Else.

She contacted me through my LinkedIn Profile & wanted to talk to someone about which direction she wanted to go with her life. We spent about 3 hours talking about her goals, how to achieve them & the conversation rolled around to about how I got into the field that I’m in. Continue reading