Another Blog On How To Write a Blog?

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I enjoy writing, or in this case blogging. While getting readers is a factor it’s not my ultimate goal.

My goal is to write an informative blog that interests readers and makes them return to see my next blog.

Along the way I’ve picked up some tips that I think may be helpful to future writers and companies that are considering either writing their own blog or hiring a ghost writer.

1. Be patient, building readers and ultimately customers or prospects takes time. One of the first items I go over with a blog prospect is not to expect thousands or ever hundreds of readers overnight

2. Numbers aren’t everything: Blogging isn’t about the number of followers you have or how many fans. It’s about creating a conversation with your audience that will hopefully lead to the creation of loyal, repeat customers for your business.

3. Don’t get discouraged by your number of readers or one rude comment that someone makes. Focus on creating good content, establishing real relationships and being helpful.

4. Don’t rant; don’t use your blog as your personal “bitch” session, unless this is the format for your blog.  It isn’t a good business decision to constantly complain, especially if you’re not offering a positive solution.

5. Stay positive; you’ll always get and keep readers if people don’t think of you as a crazed dog.

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Bill Kizer is a Social Media Consultant based in San Diego, CA. He has spent many years as a Sage Software Value Added Re-Seller. Currently he works with Sage VAR’s to help them build a Social Media base for their companies. To contact Bill either e-mail;  / blog; / 760-518-2493  

And Now For A Comedic Break ~ The Trillion Dollar Coin!!

Trillion $ Coin

This Coin Isn’t Worth A Wooden Nickel Nor Will It Buy A “In Debt We Trust Wooden Coin”

Wooden Nickel

Good Old Wooden Nickel Which May Worth More Than The Magic Coin

In Debt We Trust

This Wooden Coin Just Plain Stinks!

Here’s what I know about the Magic $1 Trillion Coin.

Our government has hit the debt ceiling, and unless Congress votes to raise it, we will go into default. The Republicans in the Congress, say they won’t raise the debt ceiling unless the Democrats agree to major spending cuts. The Democrats are giving the Republicans the Finger.

Theoretically the Treasury can print a $1 Trillion coin and the Feds can exchange it for brand new cash and we can all sing “Oh Happy Day” and skip off into the sunset. It’s legal, but a bit unusual. Most countries have a (get this) a functioning government which would raise the debt ceiling to pay its bill and already approved spending by the government.  But since we don’t have a functioning government (open for debate) the $1 Trillion coin is the answer.

Are you still with me?

The Magic Coin would not increase the money supply more than just raising the debt ceiling. If the debt ceiling is raised, the Treasury will print $1 Trillion paper money, also known as Treasury Bonds and the Feds will exchange that for money. However, absent a debt ceiling increase, the Treasury can’t print the paper debt. But it can print the Magic Coin. Since the coin doesn’t increase the money supply any more than issuing paper; or to be more correct, electronic debt would do, there is no harmful effect on the money supply. It will make the US look like idiots, but political idiocy doesn’t raise inflation; otherwise inflation would be very high in the USA already.

Thanks to Macro Investor that should answer the question: What is the $1 Trillion coin? You’re on your own for the answer to the rest of the below questions.

What is the $1 Trillion coin worth?

Is it worth a wooden nickel?

Can I purchase a wooden “In Debt We Trust” coin?

Why would anyone want their engraving on the face of the $1 Trillion coin?

So I got to thinking what I would do with $1 Trillion Dollars……

Can I buy a fleet of luxury cars & Harleys? Range Rover, Maybach Mercedes with a driver, Mercedes V12,  a stretch Hummer limousine just so that my boys could have some fun with a driver and a Prius Hybrid to keep me humble?

Would I finally be able to buy 5 homes in San Diego, Hawai’i, Aspen, Spain, San Francisco?

Take golf lessons from Phil Mickelson?

Build a 25 room mansion with pool, gym, Jacuzzi, horses, ATC’s, and open it with a complete staff to children who are living in the foster care system and then build another identical home for children who are higher functioning Autistic kids. There would never be a charge to anyone for their complete care no matter how long it takes. There would be additional rooms for entire families. We would have a private jet for families who couldn’t afford to visit.

My last charitable act would to write (25) $1 Million Dollars Checks and drop one off at Ready Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Homes for Battered Women & Children, children with terminal disease and then put Gloria Allred on retainer to go after the scumbags who batter women and children

Open (4) $10 million trust funds, one for each of my sons & Marti’s two children that they can’t touch until they’re 25 and they must have a solid business plan for the money. No business plan, no money.

That’s my list and my take on the Magic Coin

I’ve Got Junk In My Box

When I was writing this blog and I decided on the title “I’ve Got Junk In My Box” I couldn’t help but think of the Black Eyed Peas song “My Hump” a semi silly song that refers to a woman’s derriere.

If you’re easily offended don’t worry, I haven’t gone off the deep end, the correlation is purely coincidental and that’s just the title that kept coming to mind at 3:00 a.m. here in San Diego.

There is a serious side to this post and that’s all the junk that I receive in my e-mail box on a daily basis. I average somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 – 125 e-mails daily and am somewhat surprised by the efforts that companies go through to break down my computers firewall,  spam filters, trusted and restricted sites, and whatever else either Microsoft, Eset or myself have downloaded to keep my computer safe from Spammers, Hackers, Phishers, Spoofers, etc.

                                                                      Email Marketing

The good news is that many companies have considerably improved their email marketing, partly because of legal requirements.

But many still burn out their contacts by misusing their details.

Here are a few of the most common reasons you’ll lose customer trust and damage your brand:

•Emailing irrelevant offers.

•Passing on your email addresses without permission.

•Sending too many emails. (Now there’s an ambiguous term, what’s too many?)

•Failing to protect your data.

•Not  offering an Easy UnSubscription Plan. (This will get my blood boiling)

How effective is emailing Spam?I’m sure their Cost Of Business is small because their main operating cost would be the management of their mailing lists. It must some sustainable return or they wouldn’t keep doing it.

Here’s a number that will put it all into prospective. In 2011 it’s estimated that there were 7  TRILLION sent around the world! That’s a million million or a thousand billion!

 I’m sure there’s some chump signing up for the Publisher’s Clearing Warehouse Grand, Stupendous, Incredible,  Outlandish, Phony, Preposterous, Million Dollar Sweepstakes.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets tons of junk emails. What’s the solution? Personally I don’t know. A friend of mine says that she when starts getting slammed with junk she simply opens up a new email account. Hmm, I like it but it wouldn’t be practical for me.

Remember to “Keep The Junk Out of Your Trunk.”

I Refuse To Listen To Negative News

Spring is here, unless you live in Minnesota where the thermometer still hovers around arctic cold & way below freezing. I love to talk to my friend Kristen Baas @ Falcon Leasing around winter time. We get to compare temperatures & I’ve usually got her beat by a minimum of 60 degrees.

It also means that I’ve seen a change in the business climate & like the temperature here in San Diego it’s getting warmer. Am I being naive to think that things are going to change immediately? Of course not but let me tell you the exact moment my attitude changed. It changed the moment that I turned off the television & quit listening to the “experts” & the naysayers. I even went as far as to cancel the two daily newspapers I’ve been receiving for years. Too much bad news. I don’t like bad news so now I just ignore it. Continue reading