Riding The Rails

amtrak along the coastAs I’m heading up to Glendale (that’s a suburb of L.A. for the geographically challenged) this morning on the Amtrak Surfliner it dawned on me that the train is an ideal mode of transportation.

Between doing some work on my laptop, dozing off for about 30 minutes, talking on the phone without having to stick a Blue Tooth in my ear (California law) & watching Southern California roll by makes for a very pleasant 2:20 ride.

 Best parts? I don’t have to worry one of Southern California’s most unpleasant experiences & that’s rush hour(s) traffic nor the inevitable rear enders that are associated with our traffic. I would be remiss in leaving out a phenonemon seemingly unique to So. Cal commuters & that’s the inability to drive in even the slightest drizzles of rain. Traffic accidents actually increase 4 times in the slightest inclement conditions & the weather talking heads have roving reporters out in the “eye of the storm” as we are forced to watch multiple updates on Storm Watch 2009!

But I digress…..

I know that on the East Coast trains, busses, subways, cabs are a part of everyday life but here in Southern California your car is an extension of you & the thought of living through one day without your car is like leaving your cell phone at home & will cause seperation anxiety for even the bravest of souls. It leaves you with a feeling of deserting your best friend.

I’ve actually come to enjoy catching the train, getting my ticket punched by friendlyAmtrak Ticket Takers, grabbing a window seat, sit back, enjoy the ocean view & let someone else do the driving. Try it sometime, I think you’ll enjoy it.

All Aboard!!!!