Merry Christmas ~ Mele Kalikimaka ~ Feliz Navidad


Okay, I’m off my Black Friday Soapbox and on to the joys of the Holiday Season. I really do dislike having to be politically correct by saying “Happy Holidays” so here it comes in the 3 languages that I have some familiarity with.

Merry Christmas ~ Mele Kalikimaka ~ Feliz Navidad

Wow, that feels great & frankly if someone is offended then I suggest they go suck on a lemon because I don’t really care. We live in a country that is the greatest country on the planet but yet we seem to contain the largest collection of whiny, thin skinned goofballs & I’m sure we outrank the world in that category.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite events of the Christmas Season and that’s the Vista Christmas Parade.  As you may know Vista has a small town feel to it & I think that’s one of the reasons that I like it. That, & my sons have grown up their entire 11 & 12 year lives here in Vista in the same house, only 2 miles from their Grandmother & Grandpa Rick, or Mr. Rick as they affectionately call him from time to time. It’s only a 5 ~ 10 minute drive to my house & that is as far as I want to live from them.

Several years ago there was a petition going around by members of the WTSG group asking the City of Vista to change the name of the Christmas Parade to the Vista Holiday Parade so as not to offend those who preferred the more generic phrase.

The petitioners were shot down by the City Council who suggested that if they didn’t like the name of the parade to not attend. That’s when I fell in love with the City of Vista. Imagine your City Council standing up & telling the “Do Gooders” that if they didn’t like the name of the Parade & were truly offended that their attendance wasn’t a requirement.

So one more time, Merry Christmas ~ Mele Kalikimaka ~ Feliz Navidad

Written By Guest Blogger, Santa Claus