How did you catch cancer?

Help Find A Cure For Liver Cancer

Help Find A Cure For Liver Cancer

This list contains some of the questions that I’ve heard from a lot of well-meaning people. It’s not meant to be mean or malicious, just an observation.

Are you dying?
How did you catch cancer?
Is it contagious?
How long do you have to live?
What stage is it in?
Where is the cancer located? (Body part)
You’re only given what you can handle.
All you need to do is think positive
Half the battle is the mindset. Be determined to beat cancer and you will
I know how you feel (unless you’ve had cancer, you don’t know)
By the way I’m feeling fine; I get fatigued easily but that’s a combination of the cancer and all
the medication I have to take daily.

I think that the best thing someone  can say to a cancer patient is “How’s your health” “How are you feeling today?”

Don’t stop asking as it’s appreciated and gives me more reason to fight this bout with cancer

4 thoughts on “How did you catch cancer?

  1. It’s good of you to share this, Bill – taking down the walls that keep people from reaching out because they’re unsure how to do so. ❤ Rhonda

  2. It’s funny! You posted this at a moment I was thinking about and and how I needed and wanted to call you. Every call starts about the same. “Hey! How are you?”.

    I’ve heard a lot of people say that “How are you?” Isn’t a good opener, but I find with friends, it allows the friend to open however they’re feeling or whatever is on their mind if they want. Or it can lead to a banter outs back and forth.

    The conversation starts off with the usual not as witty as we think repartee, we go through the cancer stuff, then get to the important stuff: life and our kids.

    There are times I want to know what is going on with your cancer and I’ll open up with “What’s the latest on your cancer?”, but most of the time I just like the stuff about life and the kids and how you got from there to here.

  3. Bill I am so right on board with Rhonda and Robert. I really enjoyed reading this and yesterday’s post. Well done! I believe by doing this people are much more apt to reach out to ask about the latest on your health or even indirectly w/o discussing your health gives them a chance to be supportive. Yesterday I was thinking what Robert said about contacting you and then you thanked Joe Noll. That post was my in to reach out and share my own Joe story with you. Like Danielle Cote said, creating productive communities and conversations is what you are talented at!

  4. I tell my friends that they are on my mind and in my heart. Whatever I can help with, whether its big or little, silly or serious, that I’m here for them.
    After 7 years of battling, I was tired of all my money, time and energy going to cancer and was a bit bored with it being my focus ALL THE TIME. I remind survivors that if they want to talk about it or talk about everything *except* it, then I’m ready!
    Thanks Bill, for an important message!

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