Win One For Amy!

Imagine you’re a professional golfer, in fact you’re considered the #2 golfer in the world. You’re playing in the U.S. Open on one of the toughest golf courses in the country. You are in the top five & have a real chance to win one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the United States. 

Today is normally the day that the winner is decided but rain relays have delayed the finish. 
You just celebrated your 39th birthday & the U.S. Open fans greeted you by boisterously singing “Happy Birthday.”  Continue reading

The Cost & Benefits of On Demand vs On Premise Procurement Software

Purchasing accounting, ERP class software can be tough, not only deciding which of a dozen vendors to choose, but what type of solution you need – on-demand or on-premise. Read this and uncover the total cost of ownership and benefits associated with each type of solution to determine the right fit for your organization.

ERP software enables organizations to save time, money, and effort throughout the procure-to-pay cycle. It has a direct and immediate ability to cut costs and control spending.

While there are dozens of ERP software solutions available, there are really only two types offered: “on-premise” procurement software and newer “on demand” software. Continue reading

Is It SaaS Or Is It Not?

So the big question seems to be is it SaaS or isn’t it? Back in 2007 SAP answered “Yes.” The code name was A1S & went public with Business ByDesign. SAP hit the road running. There were some factors that could steer it off course but SAP was determined to learn everything it could about this new environment. Continue reading